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We have an interesting mix of modern, rustic and vintage décor to suit any space. Our vintage pieces are ethically sourced from India. From old 1930’s original HMV gramophones, to original now unused brick moulds, shoe lasts that were used to make shoes, Bambas which were used before the thermos was invented. Every piece is unique and interesting. Original Ammunition boxes, brass bells and hardware, fire buckets, vintage hat boxes and suitcases, canteens, original railway lanterns, even the ceiling tiles once used to adorn an interior, have come to life again as decorative wall art. Each piece has history and a story to tell.

Our more modern pieces are just as interesting. Handcrafted and painted ceramic knobs, pieces created from recycled timbers, bowls, trays, platters, candles, dishes, wall art, wine racks and even globes. Our lighting is created using recycled parts from wagons, ploughs and old bottles.

We have a stunning ceramic sculpture range ‘Oceania’ where an artist in Northern Thailand uses her inspiration of the ocean and hand dug local porcelain, to create unique stunning pieces. Even our Thai silk soft furnishing range is created using the local kapok tree pods, as a natural non allergenic filling for the cushions, bolsters, mattresses and floor mats.

Fair and ethical trade guaranteed on all our products.