Children’s Furniture

We love children! We have brought in a great range of kid’s furniture to suit the little ones. Who doesn’t love a traditional rocking horse in a child’s room, update it to a rocking scooter, motorbike or tractor. We have a full range of kids stools and tables which would suit any room. The stools are made from recycled teak and are strong and sturdy enough to take adult weight. There is a great variety of designs available, all hand carved then painted with non-toxic paint so safe for your child. Styles range from unicorns to  butterflies, trains, planes, rockets, flowers, cats, dogs, jungle animals, pirate ships, dragons and ABC, one to suit every child. Plus more, have a look in our Children’s section for wooden pencils, puzzles, carved elephants and door stops.

Fair and ethical trade guaranteed on all our products.

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