New Owners, New Location! This store has now relocated to 90 Waihi Road, Judea Tauranga.

Dining Tables

All the Monkeywood used to make our Furniture-Dining tables, stools, chairs etc., is dredged up out of the Mekong river, where it has lain for thousands of years. We have a  permit to dredge the river for the wood and then the craftsmen in the villages make it into these incredible pieces of furniture for us. Dining Tables, chairs, consoles, the list is endless.

The old door Dining tables come from India, where the craftsmen turn an unwanted door or window, into an amazing table. They are then covered with a piece of glass, so that you can admire the beautiful workmanship. These pieces of furniture are all ‘One of pieces’, a real talking point.

All the wood used in our furniture, is re-used wood. Therefore it will all have slight flaws, or characteristics of it’s own. These are what make each piece of furniture unique.

Fair and ethical trade guaranteed on all our products.