Outdoor Furniture

All our outdoor furniture is made from vintage or recycled wood, usually Teak, Monkeywood or Rosewood.
Our craftsmen use pieces of old wagons or wagon wheels and old farm utensils for the outdoor furniture, or they will use floor boards out of demolished buildings.
The plain Teak wood outdoor furniture pieces are ok for outside use, but like most wood that is left outside, it will turn a silvery/ grey colour, unless you regularly oil it. Being Teak, it will not rot.
Monkeywood and the Teak roots are dredged up mainly out of the Mekong river, where we have a permit to do this. They have lain there for thousands of years. After dredging and drying, our craftsmen turn them into the amazing pieces of outdoor furniture, that we bring back for you, our customers.

Fair and ethical trade guaranteed on all our products.